Semi Annual Update

I guess that’s about what we’re averaging- twice a year? I really would like to start writing more regularly. But it’s not really a goal- just one of those”it would be nice if I had the time and motivation to fit that in.” It starts to fall into the same category as cooking regularly, working out, organizing our extra bedroom, going through my closet, etc. I read the book The Happiness Project this summer. (If you’re unfamiliar, it has a lot to do with tackling all those nagging things are figuring out how to get organized). I really enjoyed reading it. I like how honest the author is about herself and her faults. And I love how organized she presents the information. And I thought to myself- i’m going to start one of those. And the book has been sitting on my nightstand since July to ‘remind’ me that I need to get started. Needless to say, I’m full of good intentions that get shut out by my procrastination. (On a side note- if anyone is interested in doing a ‘Happiness Project’ with me- let me know. I think it would help motivate me.)

We are 5 weeks into the school year. I am teaching at a Jr. High here in Mission. The campus is amazing and I work with really great people. The kids are pretty good too. It is a very different demographic than the school I was at 2 years ago, and I really like it. The beginning of this year was interesting for me- this is the first time in 5 years that I have returned to the SAME job after summer vacation. It definitely makes for a little bit smoother start. However, I am the Special Ed dept head this year, which came with some new responsibilities that keep me on my toes. It has been a really hectic year so far, and I keep waiting for things to fall into a routine, but I’m not sure they ever will. But either way, I’m still happy where I’m at. I have really tried to make a concious effort this year to be Happier at work. To find things that I enjoy, to not allow myself to get cranky and stressed about every little thing. And so far, there is a huge difference from last year. It is so much easier to get up and go to work each morning ūüôā

Marcy is coaching Varsity football this year. This is his 8th year coaching and he has slowly made his way up, from 7th to 8th grade to Freshman for the last 3 years and now coaching Defensive Ends on the Varsity staff. (Don’t ask me which player on the field is a defensive end- I have no idea). It has been a big adjustment for him, but he has thrown himself into it completely. He goes non-stop from 5am to 8pm, and then comes home to get ready to do it all over again. He is very dedicated and really cares about the kids he works with and always wants to do his best. I don’t see too much of him these days, as it seems he is always working or sleeping (As I’m writing this- it’s 8PM on Sunday night and he’s already asleep) but I go to his games and try to be supportive.

We are both still working with the Youth at church- Marcy as the 2nd counselor in the YM, and myself as the YW president. This keeps us busy on Wednesday nights and Sundays, but we both really enjoy the Youth in our ward. They are incredible and I learn things from their examples daily. I have already started trying to plan girls camp for the upcoming year because we would like to have it over Spring Break before it gets too hot. It is on a Ward Level this year, so I’ve got a lot to do, and we’ve already established I’m quite the procrastinator. But I can’t afford to procrastinate on this, because I really want it to be something Great for the girls!

I feel like there should be something else for me to write about, but that’s mostly it. Work and Church take up most of our time. We LOVE having summers off together. We spent 4 weeks on vacation this summer- 2 weeks in Utah and 2 weeks in AZ. We drove my new car (The Malibu, which we got last summer, was destroyed in a major hail storm in March, so I got a Toyota Matrix and I LOVE IT!!), and just took our time. My were able to attend my best friend, Julie’s wedding in Utah in June, then spent the next week & half playing with Amy and Marcus and Ruby and Lola. I LOVE utah in the summer and it is always so hard to leave. Provo Canyon and the Green grass are the River… nothing beats it. Then we went down to Phoenix to spend time with the rest of my family. I was able to get together with a few of my girlfriends, spend time with 3 out of 4 brothers and spouses and Grace & Tucker, & even Baby BRYNN (Who is stinking cute!) We spent the 4th of July near the White Mountains in Eagar, AZ with a bunch of my cousins and had a great time! Cool weather and small town parade. And Aunt Nanny has the funnest house & yard. And even though the fireworks got rained out- I think it was one of the best 4th of Julys (sp) I’ve had in a Long Time!! Marcy also took me golfing for the first time while we were in AZ- AND he was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t terrible ūüôā We spent Marcy’s Bday at my parents house (I feel like we have been in AZ for Marcy’s Bday for the last 4 years- I feel bad for his family) and then headed back to Texas. We were home for a few short days and then packed up AGAIN to go to Houston with Marcy’s family. We haven’t ever really done a vacation with them, and it was SO fun!! We stayed at a great hotel, near the Galleria, did lots of shopping at all the stores we don’t have here (IKEA, World Market, The Container Store, etc), AND we got to go see The Lion King off broadway. Marcy and his father weren’t exactly sure how they would feel about it- but they LOVED it as well!! Great show! We definitely make the most of our time off in the summer.

And that about sums up everything. We were planning a trip to Austin in November to visit Dan & Alicia as they will be in town for the weekend, but I scheduled knee surgery that weekend, so I don’t think we’re gonna make it. But on a positive note, my mom will be coming down to help take care of me, since Marcy will still be in football. Then we have the whole week off of school for Thanksgiving, and are hoping to make it up to San Antonio for at least a few days. Christmas will bring us back to AZ and UT (hopefully) as Amy is due to have baby #3 on Dec. 22nd and I can’t wait until summer to meet him! And that is officially all of the news I can think of. Now I need to see if I can figure out how to upload some of these pics from Marcy’s phone.


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Guess Who’s Back?

SO…..I asked Kerri one day, “Whatever happened to our blog?”¬† She quickly answered, “It’s there.” At that moment I knew what I had to do.¬† I currently do not have a facebook, and probably will never have one.¬† So how do I keep in touch with everyone outside of the valley?¬† You guessed it….the blog!¬† Both Kerri and I are 2 1/2 days away from Summer vacation and we¬†couldn’t be¬†more ready.¬† We have been going since August of last year so a couple of months off sounds AWESOME!¬†

My school year was crazy.¬† Let me see if I can put it all in one sentence.¬†¬†This past year the following things happened: a¬†football coach and¬† a fellow teacher¬†I both worked with unexpectedly past away, another coach was suspended for an obscene gesture that was caught on tape, my high school principal retired as did the head football¬†coach,¬†we hired a new head¬†football coach who was under the old one so we were all happy with that,¬†we received a new principal, two asst. principals moved on to bigger and better things, our superintendent was¬†released¬†under allegations of¬†sexual harassment towards employees…he later resigned, I was promoted from head freshmen football coach to asst. varsity football coach (defensive ends), and my dad is¬†currently a substitute asst. principal at my school for the remainder of the school year.¬† Yeah….that pretty much sums it up.¬† To say that it has been a crazy year full of ups and downs is an understatement!¬†¬†If you thought that was crazy, you should see my summer plans.¬† I may be on vacation but I am still going to be as busy as a bee with trainings, coaching schools, certifications, and other school crap that¬†I volunteered for…(why you may ask….I get paid for it!)¬†

We are planning on driving off for Utah and Arizona on June 17 for about a month so that will be my official vacation and I am pumped!¬†We got nailed by a hail storm a few months back so before we go we have some projects. Our fence, roof, and a window all need fixing.¬† I am also jacked about turning my back yard into a BBQ mecca! I am looking into a concrete extension from the patio and a pergola (hope I spelled that right).¬† I worked some extra time at school and a little in the Summer so I could make my back yard my sanctuary!¬† Once its all¬†done you better believe¬†I will have some¬†pics.¬† Well that’s about it.¬† I will try and keep up with this throughout the summer.¬†I am sure I am going to see you all this Summer sometime so until then….I will be somewhere down in Texas!¬†

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Getting Older

Birthdays were never much of a big deal around our house growing up. Don’t get me wrong- I always felt special and important. But we kept things fairly low key. We got to choose what we were having for dinner, and my mom made a cake (and she made some Great cakes over the years!). I remember having a few birthday parties, but definitely not every year, and nothing over the top. Anyway, I’ve kinda carried that with me into adulthood and each year on October 12th, another day passes and life goes on.

That being said, I’m turning 30 this week. And something feels different. Some small part of me feels like this should be a kinda big deal. I told my husband that I wanted to do something (which is very¬† out-of-the-ordinary for me)… but wasn’t really sure what. And then I started trying to think about what we could do… I wanted to take off for a girls weekend to Houston, or Have a get together/game night with friends like we used to do in college- something fun and a little more over-the-top than our average weekend. and I realized that we’re too Old.¬† Not OLD, but too old to do a lot of the things that younger or single people do. Old enough that we are sometimes asleep by 10pm on a Friday (gasp!)And old enough that all our friends have kids and can’t really be spontaneous or stay out late. (I’m not trying to say that people with kids aren’t fun or spontaneous- it just takes more planning for them sometimes ūüôā¬† And the more time I spent thinking about this- I’ve been a little down. And then I get upset that it even bothers me, because birthdays are not a big deal. But I guess every once in a while, you have a chance to step back and realize that things change as you get older. I’m just still a little up in the air as to whether the changes are good or bad. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

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once upon a time..

Once upon a time my husband and I had a blog (I say Husband and I because he did actually write a post all by himself once). We had goals to make regular posts and document our lives for all our close friends and family to read about. and then….I have no idea what happened. But after NOT blogging for about a month or two, I start to feel like I don’t have time to blog because there would be so much to catch up on.¬†So,¬†I think, ¬†as soon as I have a spare hour I’ll sit down and write an amazing post updating the world on our ever exciting lives. This has not been done. And probably won’t ever get done. But in an effort to save this blog and stay in touch with the rest of the world, here is a summary of our happenings:

We sold our house last March and bought a new one in Sharyland, close to the high school where Marcy works. We love our home and it’s giant backyard, but have found little time to do any decorating, or even finish putting everything away. With this move, we are living back in Misison 2nd ward (where we both attended before we were married) and we love being back with our close friends! Marcy was called into the Young Men’s quickly, and myself into the Young Women’s. I’m currently serving as Young Women’s president- and we both Love the youth that we work with!!

I survived my first year teaching (barely) and decided to give it one more year, but spent a lot of time this summer trying to come up with a back-up plan. I really didn’t enjoy last year and was sure it was not something I could do for the rest of my life. Through several small miracles at the end of August, I was able to¬†accept a teaching position at a new school (in the district where Marcy works) and it is Wonderful! I am working with Special Education students at the Junior High and¬†I LOVE it!¬†There is a night and day difference between these 2 jobs and everything about this one is so much better! The administration, the teachers, the kids- everything is great! And I finally feel like I’m in a position that I can see myself staying in for a long time. On a side note, I am also the assistant tennis coach. You can laugh- everyone else has when I told them. I don’t know a whole lot, but I’m learning and I Really enjoy it!

We spent 3 weeks this summer on Vacation in Idaho, Utah, and Arizona. We LOVE the time we get to spend visiting my family and friends in the summer! This was Marcy’s first trip to the cabin in Idaho and we invited one of our friends from here to come with us as well. We had a great time! Fishing and scenic drives and water falls and yellowstone and wildlife and cool air and the Teton mountains… there’s just nothing that compares! We spent about 10 days in Utah with my sister and her family- I sure wish we lived closer! Then we spent about a week in AZ with my parents. Got to see my friends and their kiddos, celebrated Marcy’s birthday with the fam, and Dan & Marcy got to go golfing together. Those trips always seem to go so fast, but we are so grateful for our teaching schedules that we have time to take those trips each year! On a side note- we also got me a new car this summer. The little red Focus is getting Old and Tired- so we decided it was time for something a little newer with a few less miles.

Marcy and I went up to Austin a few weeks back to watch BYU play against UT. Marcy isn’t really a BYU fan, but I at least got him to wear a Navy Blue Chargers shirt. We had a great weekend, and enjoyed the game (the first half anyway).

My parents and sister both came to visit last January- it’s fairly rare to get company all the way out here- and Scott came in March to help us move. My folks are coming again the end of this month and we are really looking forward to that! We haven’t really had anyone come to stay with us at our new house- but the invitation is open to all! We would love to have you!!

I’m gonna attach a few pics, but remember it’s been a long time since I did this so I apologize for the un-professional look of this whole post.

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i’m so disappointed…

… in MYSELF!
1. It has been almost 3 weeks since my last post.
2. We spent 10 days in Arizona over Christmas with my family and i took exactly 4 pictures! What is that?!

But we had an amazing vacation. i was totally relaxed and back to my happy self. We went to a few movies, i read 2 books, and spent lots of quality time with the fam. Even Marcy read a couple books- i’m so proud!
There are some advantages to working in education, and having 2 weeks off of work at Christmas is one of them. We always take full advantage of our holidays!!
Getting back to work this week and our regular routine has been really rough, but I think we’re gonna make it.
We accepted an offer on our house and got kinda excited, but it seems it’s gonna fall through now. So we’ll keep waiting.
Marcy has started track season now. So that will keep him busy. And me, I’m still trying to figure out how to manage 7th graders.

Me and Rubles.

Ruby and Grandma.

Just a puppy from the pet store. I loved him.

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Ok- i have¬†5 things to post about and i’ll just number them and go in order.

1. Our house is Officially for sale- as of December 9th. We had our first showing on Friday while we were at work. We love our little home- it is a Perfect starter home! But- we are hoping to get into something bigger while the interest rates are so low! We’ll see what happens!!

2. I work for a small school district that is literally about 3 miles from the border of Mexico. All of my students are mexican, speak fluent spanish, and spend their weekends with family over the border. There are a lot of things about my school district that I complain about. BUT- I do have one thing to brag about. Our high school has a phenomonal Mariachi band- they have been national champions the past 3 years, and are poised for a 4th one this spring. They had their winter concert last Tuesday and we invited Marcy’s parents and sister to come with us. We got to hear the 7th grade Mariachi (there were about 10 of my kids performing!) They did a great job- but it was really amazing to see how much the kids improve each year. (We also heard 8th grade Mariachi, JV Mariachi)¬†¬†The Varsity was Amazing! Those kids are SO talented!! And I LOVE live Mariachi music! (I wish we had a video of the ones from our wedding!) Anyway- i thought i was going to attach a short video, but haven’t quite got that figured out yet. But you can look for them on youtube.¬†Mariachi Nueva Era de Valley View.

3. Marcy’s cousin, Laura, got married last weekend. We got to see all of his extended family again- most of whom i met last year at Our wedding. It was a super fun wedding- made us do a lot of reminiscing about our own wedding. But it was nice to enjoy this one as a guest ūüôā

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4. I went to the mall yesterday morning to finish the last of the Christmas shopping (YES- i am officially DONE shopping!) And i was kinda in a hurry¬†but right as i walked in there was a big Cello Orchestra set up just starting to play. I almost rushed by, but decided to stop and listen for just a moment. I took about 5 minutes out of my rushed morning to stop and listen to some beautiful music ( i Love the cello!! ) and I feel like it changed my whole day. There is so much about this time of year that I love, but it’s so easy to get too busy to enjoy things. (i took video of this as well- but again, i can’t attach it…)

5. Today is our 1 year anniversary!! I don’t know what to say except that I am so happy! I love my husband so much more every single day and I am so thankful for everything he does for me.
Today being sunday, we mostly celebrated last night. Marcy made reservations at Pappadeaux (his favorite place). I have eaten there twice and just felt it was really expensive and not very good. They just opened one here in mcallen and I was happy to go because I know he loves it, but i wasn’t really expecting much. However, i LOVED my food- I don’t know what i ordered the first 2 times, but what i ordered this time was Fantastic! The food was SO good and the cooked perfectly and the flavors complemented eachother so well (like i’m some kind of food-critic or something?) ¬†I had some shrimp, and lobster, and scallops, and green beans and it was all amazing. I will never again complain when he wants to go eat there.
After dinner we went to downtown Hidalgo where they have a big Christmas Light Festival where we drove around, got out and walked for a bit, etc. It Finally got cold here, so it actually felt a little bit like Christmas.
Anyway- it was a Great evening and it has been a great weekend! And Let’s just take a minute to remember that we are not going to school for 2 whole weeks, no Seminary for 3 whole weeks, and we are leaving to spend 10 days in phoenix for Christmas with my family. I have an incredible husband who is always thoughtful and supportive. We both have amazing families. And we have a Savior that we remember this time of year, who has provided a way for us to be eternally happy. I love that I am able to feel little pieces of that heaven on a regular basis.

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I’m sorry, but i HATE the dentist!!

I go to the dentist every 6 months. I floss every day. I brush 2-3 times/day with my sonicare. I try so hard to take perfect care¬†of my teeth. And yet, I Never Ever get to go to the dentist without him telling me that I have cavities and need fillings. I went today because I lost part of a filling. Thinking quick fix. No- i have 6 Cavities and am in need of a crown. Seriously??!! Is this really happening?? Then there’s Marcy who didn’t go to the dentist for about 10 years, and went this June- Perfect Teeth. Absolutely no problems. I’m happy¬†for him, but I just don’t understand.

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